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Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009
10:28 am
Thursday, November 11th, 2004
3:13 pm
Recurring Dream...
I'm female... I know I am... Butch Dyke. I'm asleep in bed... my own bed, I can feel someone else in the bed with me, I'm aware, but unable to wake up enough to do anything about it.

I'm laying on my back with my arms above my head... stretched out... I feel hands start running over my body, carresing me gently, followed by a tongue... gently pulling me from my sleep. As I wake up, I stretch, and realise that my hands are tied above me, as I look up, my sleeping partner straddles my hips. I look up into the face of a woman I do not recognise.

She is slim, with small breasts, unruly red hair, deep green eyes... and an mischavious grin on her face. I struggle a little... before demanding... "what are you doing???" She continues her exploration of my body... tracing my nipples with her tongue... sliding her body down mine, kissing and licking along the way. She reaches the waistband of my boxers looks up at me and says... "I want to have your baby..."
I laugh... well aware that my anatomy won't allow it... then she pulls my shorts down... over... my semi-erect cock... it looks about 5" at the moment... my stunned silence turns to deep moans of pleasure as she takes it in her mouth.

My indignation at this assault turns to pure lust as I buck my hips under her... enjoying the sensation of her mouth and tongue on the head of my cock... too soon she pulls away. As she straddles my hips once again, up on her knees she grabs my cock, which has now grown to 7", and guides it into her cunt. I feel her push the head in, before she drops down to completely engulf me. I moan deeply, unable to help myself as she thrusts furiously on top of me.

She's moaning as she fucks herself on my dick... I can feel her juices flowing down over my arse... I can feel my own crutch burning, on fire... I feel the tingling start, and I know I'm going to cum. She's watching my face... fingering her clit and pinching her nipple... She drops down close to my face, and whispers hoarsely, "I wanna cum with you... fill me up, big boy..." then she rubs her cum soaked fingers around my mouth... the taste of her makes me more desperate... I buck under her...

She sits up... getting me deeper in her, adn renews her furious fucking... and fingering... I can feel her getting tight around me, and I know she is close. She screams out my name... as her cunt clamps my dick... I grunt... as I feel my cum shoot into her... I keep fucking... I don't want this feeling to end...

She flops down across my chest... kissing me... as my softening cock slips out of her. I feel tired and weak... as I drift slowly towards sleep again, I hear her say "thanks sweetie... maybe I'll call you again sometime... so I can have another kid..." I look down, my eyes heavy... to see that the cock I'd just fucked her with, the cock I didn't have in the first place was gone again...

When I woke up... I went to the toilet, just your normal average dyke once again... and found that my shorts were wet, as if they'd hosted an orgy that night... I remembered my dream... and went back to bed to have a wank...

Current Mood: horny
Monday, October 25th, 2004
9:11 pm
Not much...
... here yet.
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